Decoiler 10T DH1000

Braço Hidráulico

Deslocação lateral

Comando Remoto / Wireless


The fortified structure, the cohesive hydraulic group and the flexible frequency inverter are characteristics of this unfolding, the best of the market.

General Features


Standard Equipment:
√ Gearmotor 3kW with brake for coils up to 10 tons.
√ Automatic or Manual operation, with possibility of inversion of rotation.
√ Analog Sensor to detect steel sheet need for automatic speed on rotation.
√ Mandrel with 1500mm.
√ Opening and closing, by hydraulics, of mandrel.


Optional Equipment:
• Hydraulic Arm.
• Hydraulic Lift Car for load and displacement of the coil.
• Lateral displacement of the Decoiler.
• Personalized Length of the mandrel.
• Structure support to reinforcement the capacity up to 15 tons.
• Wireless controller of Decoiler (till 100m).