Notch Corners

EL2.5 / EL5 / EL6-AV


Stefa Notch-Corners are machines that require a simple operation and low maintenance. They are equipped with mechanical backs, to facilitate the position of the material, and pedal. Also, we have model for variable angles.



EL2.5-200 EL5-200 EL6-200 AV
Lenght of cut blades 200mm
Thickness of cut 2,5mm 5mm 6mm
Type of angle Fixo Fixo Variável (30º – 140º)
Dimentions (CxLxA) Peq. 0,65 x 0,8 x 1,2 m 1,3 x 1 x 1,25 m
Weight 150Kg 450Kg 1000Kg