Roll Former LSF (Light Steel Framing)

Roll Former LSF100

Technical Features


Profile C & U
Section Size 100mm
Hole for Hydraulic and Electrical Pipes 35mm
Controller Monitor Táctil 22” c/Windows
Software KabeS by Sarkkis
Velocity of Prodution 350-700 m/h
Motogear Power 2,2 kW
Hydraulic Motor 3 kW com Permutador
No. Stations Rolls 7
Rolls Material RPM32
Power Connection Trifásica 380/400V 50~60 Hz
Weight 2.200 Kg
Dimensions (L xW x H) 3,56m x 0,4 m x 1,41 m
Decoiler 1,5 Ton – Stefa DM1,5

Holes, Cuts e Slips for a fast assembly


Roll Former for Light Steel Framing.

• Maximum thickness up to 1,5mm – Structured Steel S320GD.
• Integrated Set of tools to make cuts, holes and snips on profile.
• Industrial PC with Software KabeS™ to design walls and trusses with doors and windows.
• Certified profile complying with last European norms of building construction.
• Printer to codify the profiled parts for after assembly.